Blue Virginia Endorses Canek for Council

Four More Endorsements for Alexandria City Council: Canek Aguirre, John Chapman, Del Pepper, Mo Seifeldein

Blue Virginia
May 27, 2018

"Finally, I’m recommending another new face for the City Council – Canek Aguirre. Another one with an impressive bio, Aguirre describes himself as “a community advocate and progressive leader focused on improving the lives of all Alexandrians and the “son of Mexican immigrants,” someone who “knows first-hand the importance of hard work, education, and ensuring everyone has a fair shot at the American Dream.” I like the fact that Aguirre has been active with the Alexandria Democratic Committee (including as a precinct captain), as well as the fact that he’s from the city’s less affluent, more diverse West End. I also like his experience as “Chair of the City of Alexandria’s Economic Opportunities Commission, President of the Tenants and Workers United (TWU) Board of Directors, and Vice Chairman of the Health Systems Agency of Northern Virginia (HSANV) Board of Directors.”

"According to GGW, Aguirre “appear[s] to align with the Greater Greater Washington perspective on transit and housing issues in Alexandria, even though [he] didn’t gain our endorsement.” GGW also notes that Aguirre:

…has previous experience working in and with the Alexandria City Public Schools, serving as a liaison between students and the administration to bridge cultural and language gaps. He brings a specific representation for a portion of Alexandria’s community that is currently underrepresented in Alexandria politics.

"On the issues, Aguirre is strongly pro-immigrant (e.g., “driver’s licenses for all”); supports the “meals tax” to fund affordable housing; opposes armed school resource officers; is strongly pro-LGBT; and says he’s “led this effort [for increased transparency regarding police interactions with the community] “with Grassroots and NAACP starting three years ago.”

"Aguirre also says he supports “moving from single passenger car transportation to mass transit, bike and walking lanes, rapid bus and Metro…high density near Metro, mass transit, green space are my general approach to development and future growth.” His top priorities include “increasing housing opportunities for all Alexandrians”; “invest[ing] in our school infrastructure and address teacher retention” and “support[ing] efforts that eliminate health inequities that exist within our community.” I like it!"